Winter Training in Florida - 2024

By Daniel Turcotte

*Photos by Daniel Turcotte

Fall was showing its colours and the days were getting shorter.  The sheep seemed interested in finding comfort in the barn, away from the wind and rain.  As for my dogs, they looked…

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2023 Year End Awards - Open

Congratulations to our 2023 Open Champion and Reserve Champion!

by Tracy Hinton

*Pictures by Michelle Lawrence

Open Champion: Tracy Hinton and Lad

Lad came to me at a year old from Anne Marie Holland shortly after Virgil had passed.  He…

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2023 Year End Awards - Pro Novice

Congratulations to our 2023 Pro Novice Champion and Reserve Champion!

Pro Novice Champion: Rain and Mary Thompson

by Mary Thompson

I can’t count the number of times I’ve witnessed a handler come off the trial field shaking their head, scuffing…

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2023 Year End Awards - Novice Novice

Congratulations to our 2023 Novice/Novice Champion and Reserve Champion!

Novice Novice Champion: Fleetwood and Lynn Inia

by Lynn Inia

I imported Fleetwood as a pup from Italy in 2019. He is ISDS and FCI registered by Astra Maverick out of…

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Update on the Herding Community in Nova Scotia

By Hilary Flower

*Photo credit also to Hilary

Living in beautiful Nova Scotia has its challenges if you want to sheepdog trial! While we are not at the end of the earth, it sometimes feels like it when we look…

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Shepherds' Crook Fall Farm Trial - 2023

By Rebecca Lawrence

*Photo credits to Rebecca Lawrence and Michelle Lawrence

The pen has closed on another successful fall trial at Shepherd’s Crook.

Have you ever wanted to know what goes on behind the scenes at a dog trial?  This…

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Ireland and the Worlds, 2023

By Anne Wheatley (*Photo Credit to Anne Wheatley and Christine Jobe)

Cath I have always wanted to go to Ireland and what better excuse than the Internationals and the World Sheepdog Trials being scheduled there within days of each other…

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The Kingston Sheepdog Trial - 2023

by Werner Reitboeck

I did not make it to the first few Kingston Sheepdog Trials, at that time called the Pittsburgh Township Sheepdog Trials. My first entry was 4 years later. I drove up, quite nervous, on a Friday morning…

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80 Acres Sheepdog Trial Report - Aug 2023

By Celeste Lacroix

This year thunderstorms and heavy rains threatened the 80 Acres Sheepdog Trial right up until the morning's first run when everyone arrived with all-weather gear.   Some dogs, arriving at new locations in the extreme thunderstorms, had been…

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