Learn to Trial Better Day: May 21st 2023

By Sarah Loten  

I had a delightful time at the Learn to Trial Better day for novice handlers at Jimmie’s Farm, near Athens, led by a wonderfully supportive team of Anne Wheatley, Carol Guy and Lorna Savage. Of course, much…

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Learn To Trial Better Days: May 6th and 7th 2023

By Beth Harris

The first event of the Learn to Trial Better Series was hosted at Cloudberry Farm near Roseneath, Ontario. The weather was perfect - sun blazing with a nice breeze cutting through the heat. The field was long…

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Is My Puppy Ready for Training?

by Kent Kuykendall  

This article first appeared in the OBCC newsletter in 2001. Descended from three generations of shepherds, Kent’s life’s work has encompassed his passion for border collies for decades. His long and distinguished trialing career includes Reserve Champion

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Spring Training Clinic

By Peter Bangarth (with additional content provided by Aoife)

Bitter, cold wind driving a steady pelting of rain. And yearling sheep unaccustomed to dogs. What could
be a better environment for a day-long clinic for rookie handlers and dogs? Well,…

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Using Terrain as a Training Tool

By Bruce Fogt, reprinted with permission of the author and The Working Border Collie in 2009 OBCC newsletter

Using a variety of terrain when training a dog is perhaps one of the most important tools in building a really useful…

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The Importance of “Set Out”

By Mary Thompson

Let me begin by saying that “setting sheep” for a fellow handler’s run is a very important job at any trial.  A well set packet of sheep gives every handler the best chance of a great score…

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Lee Lumb Clinic at Scout's Run - June 2022

By Tania Costa

Lee was able to assess each dog by watching the outrun lift and fetch and taught many of us “out”.  Basically this was a means to have the dog lie down as they are doing their outrun…

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Lee Lumb Zoom Clinic - March 2022

The Learning and Development Committee presented their first OBCC online clinic with Lee Lumb, the 2021 CBCA Champion, in March 2022. 


Here is some feedback from participants:


I found the clinic excellent and great value for the price. Lee is…

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Lessons in reading sheep 

Written by:  Various sources - 2011 OBCC newsletter 

As young children, one of the first things we are taught to do in school is read. This lifelong skill will bring us much joy and pleasure. The ability to read can…

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Develop the Conversation

By Amanda Milliken   - OBCC newsletter 2016 

We all aspire to the same refined sheep dog work that is the hall mark of brilliant runs.  Runs where lines are maintained by mere lists of the dog. Runs where the dog…

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