Updated January 18


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OBCC Minutes of Meetings

05-01-22 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

03-27-22 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

02-15-22 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
01-18-22 2021 AGM - Draft Minutes
01-18-22 2020 AGM - Final Minutes

01-16-22 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

12-12-21 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

10-08-21 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes 

08-21-21 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes 

07-06-21 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes 

06-04-21 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes 

08-27-21 2019 AGM Final Minutes 

04-09-21 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes 

03-05-21 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes 

02-11-21 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes 

01-08-21 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes 

12-11-20 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes 

01-08-19  Board of Directors Meeting Minutes 

 09-18-18 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes 

06-19-18 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes 

05-08-18 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes 

03-28-18 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes 

01-24-18 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes 

12-05-17 2016 AGM - Final Minutes  

11-28-17 2017 AGM - Draft Minutes 

11-01-17 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

09-11-17 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes  

10-03-17 2017 Treasurer Report with 2018 Proposed Budget

07-13-17 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes  

06-29-17 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes  

01-03-17 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes 

12-29-16 2016 AGM - Draft Minutes  

11-22-16 Revised 2016 Treasurer Report with 2017 Proposed Budget 

10-19-16 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes  

05-03-16 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

03-29-16 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

01-21-16 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

12-17-15 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

11-21-15 2015 AGM - Minutes 

11-22-14 2014 AGM - Minutes  

03-08-15 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

01-08-15 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes 

11-22-14 AGM Meeting Minutes 

11-22-14 Board of Director Meeting Minutes 

10-03-14 Board of Director Meeting Minutes 

07-07-14 Board of Director Meeting Minutes 

04-04-14 Board of Director Meeting Minutes 


OBCC Documents

Trial Scribing Instructions

OBCC By-Laws

Proxy Vote Form

NEBCA's Trial Managers Handbook: A great guide for anyone who is thinking of hosting a trial!