2023 Year End Awards - Open

Congratulations to our 2023 Open Champion and Reserve Champion!

by Tracy Hinton

*Pictures by Michelle Lawrence

Open Champion: Tracy Hinton and Lad

Lad came to me at a year old from Anne Marie Holland shortly after Virgil had passed.  He turned 10 years old in July. He is out of Vergil’s Brooke, sired by Patricia MacRae's Cap.  Known by many as “Mr. Fluffy”, he is a handsome rough coat.  

Lad has been a great partner.  He is calm and confident….he knows how to manage sheep.  It doesn’t matter what the sheep bring, I know that he will do his best for me.  As a young dog I doubted him.  He has proven himself time and again that he can get the job done!  Little things like the other night when I woke up to the sound of coyotes closer than I would have liked and couldn't go back to sleep.  I came downstairs and Lad was waiting for me.  Off we went in the dark to gather the sheep and put them in the barn.   I didn't give it a thought, I just sent him knowing he would bring them.  A very simple thing that I just took for granted.

The last couple of years we have had many travelling trial adventures on a variety of sheep and fields.    Our best adventure yet this past year travelling was to Ireland to compete in the World trial.  An adventure that I won't soon forget!

As we near the end of his career, I find that I reflect on all that we have done together and feel very blessed to have had him at my side. Together we have had a lot of “first experiences”.  He helped make me a better trainer and handler.  I am very grateful for all of the opportunities he has brought me.



Open Reserve Champion: Tracy Hinton and Doy Tye

Tye is bred by Barry Breemersch.  His dam is Welsh bred IMP. Zoe who goes back to Aled Owen's Llangwm Cap and his sire by, then Scott Glen’s, IMP. Taff.   Michael Gallagher's lines bred to McCloskey's Sweep. He turned 4 years old in October.

When I got Tye as a pup, he popped out of the crate at the airport, and he was mine. He latched on to me instantly and that has never wavered. Never a problem to get his attention and come with me as he grew…he was always watching me.  Still does!

He has a tremendous outrun and spots sheep well.  He has great balance and feel.   Tye has gained so much experience and confidence this past year.  He has turned into a great partner.  I look forward to what comes next!


Thank you to all of the trial managers, my mentors and the OBCC community for your support, trials, clinics, club events, handler’s dinners, and chats in the handler’s tent.  We have a great community! 

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