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Novice Trialer - Pup or Trained Dog?

by Joyce Geier (first published OBCC Newsletter 1996)

*Photo credit to Kris Kiviaho and Lynn Johnston

Seems like there's a great debate about novices to our sport. Not that there's much to debate; they're wonderful, we need more…

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Up and Coming: Rye

By Anne Wheatley (*Photo Credit also to Anne)

Rye is out of Mary Thompson’s Teagan and by Kevan Gretton’s Bud. There are plenty of good dogs behind this boy. People say when you’re thinking about a puppy, start with good…

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Dog Trainer vs Home Training

Author unknown - OBCC newsletter 2001  

How many times have you bought a puppy, or raised one from your own stock thinking, man, this one's going to be a real winner! It shows all the right stuff from the start…

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Management of a Heat Intolerant Dog

By Joyce Geier  - Originally published OBCC newsletter 2000

It began as a simple training day in June 1996. It ended when Troy went down from heat stroke. It resulted in a lifelong heat intolerance and dog management issue. I…

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Feeding instructions on Dog Food Packaging

By Fiona Robertson

Take a look at the package of your current dog food. Somewhere on the label you will find the feeding instructions - they are there for a reason. It might be a chart, or a simple list.…

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Up and Coming: Sweep and Wisp

By Andrea de Kenedy

My two Nursery dogs this year are Sweep and Wisp.

I bought Wisp from Stacey Rember at 9 months of age.  I had to put down my good dog Jock, whom I was intending to move…

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The Gift of an Open Dog

By Marie Sawford 
When I first started coming to herding events, I heard the advice from many judges and successful competitors, “Start with a retired Open dog.”  Coming from a riding background you were always encouraged to start with an…

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Legends of the Field

By Andrea de Kenedy - OBCC newsletter 2008

We can all name legendary dogs of the past. Many will be in our own dogs’ pedigrees. We might even muse, fondly, on certain traits that one or another of our own…

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