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The Elusive One

By Viki Kidd

*Photo credit to Viki Kidd

Emmy. Reese. Pride. Nina. Lynn. Gill. Rime.
These are the names of well-bred pups, over the past years, that had me dreaming of being ‘THE ONE’.  ‘THE ONE’ that will not only…

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Up and Coming: Rye

By Anne Wheatley (*Photo Credit also to Anne)

Rye is out of Mary Thompson’s Teagan and by Kevan Gretton’s Bud. There are plenty of good dogs behind this boy. People say when you’re thinking about a puppy, start with good…

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Up and Coming: Sweep and Wisp

By Andrea de Kenedy

My two Nursery dogs this year are Sweep and Wisp.

I bought Wisp from Stacey Rember at 9 months of age.  I had to put down my good dog Jock, whom I was intending to move…

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