Lee Lumb Clinic at Scout's Run - June 2022

By Tania Costa

Lee was able to assess each dog by watching the outrun lift and fetch and taught many of us “out”.  Basically this was a means to have the dog lie down as they are doing their outrun and starting to turn in way too early and affecting the sheep and getting too far into the “bubble”.  

 I was amazed, a simple lie down at about 3 or 9 o’clock, and then a “growl” saying “out” which would eventually teach the dogs to bend out and have a nice lift on the sheep.  

For me personally I was truly amazed, as I whistled Lie Down, and then saying “out” he seemed to know to bend out, and would nicely come around the sheep.  For the first time in 2 years he did several repetitions which lead to a nice lift and fetch straight down the “line” to me.  WOW...now to put it into practice and on other fields.  

I am sure other trainers have taught me similar things, but as we all know, we hear things from different people in different ways, and this weekend it finally sunk in!    whoot whoot. 

Scout’s Run Farm photo credit Deborah Samuel

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